Low Carbon Cities Program

Introduction to the Low Carbon Cities Program

To address the global climate challenge, China has pledged to the international community to slash its energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions, and to peak its carbon emissions by 2030, as the country embraces “new normal” of slower growth. Cities are the engine of China’s economic development, and thus the primary emitter of greenhouse gases. Helping Chinese cities achieve low carbon economic growth and peak their carbon emissions as early as possible represents a crucial approach for China to fulfill its international commitment and strive for a low carbon, ecological, and sustainable future.

The Overarching Goal:

To assist Chinese cities to peak their carbon emissions as early as possible and drop quickly thereafter by establishing a low carbon development pathway.

Program Initiatives:

  1. Provide intensive technical assistance across all sectors of low carbon urban development to key Chinese cities through leveraging the internal and external cooperative platforms;
  2. Assist Chinese central and city governments in establishing an enforceable package of low carbon urban development policies and market-based mechanisms by supporting related research; and
  3. Assist cities to build low carbon development capacity in terms of human resource, knowledge, tools, and mechanisms.



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